Picking a carpet cleaner :

– Avoid estimate by telephone or email.It is difficult do give estimate without seeing the condition of your floor.
– There are many companies that quote cheap price over the phone just to get in the door.Once they get in the door ,they charge extra for pretreatment,spot removal,furniture moving , etc…you can end up over paying and getting poor quality work.
– Walk the carpet and floor and point out any concern before they start the job.
– Ask what method they use for cleaning your carpets or floor.Combine apples to apples when getting multiple estimates.
– Ask for referrals.

Answers to frequently asked questions :

– The front door will be left open for the hoses , so please watch your children and pets .
– Keep children and pets away from equipment and hoses while cleaning.
– Carpets dry in approximately 6-8 hours in moist climate and 4-6 hours in dry climate.
– You can walk on the carpet before it dries.Make sure that feet are clean.Wear booties if possible ( we can provide them to you ) .Be careful,walking from the carpet to the tile surface can be very slippery !
– The E.P.A and Shaw Industries recommends cleaning your carpet every 6 months more or less depending on people in the household,children,pets and outdoor environment.
– The cleaning solutions are Bio degradable and environmentally friendly.