Tile and grout cleaning

Regular mopping and spot cleaning doesn’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within pores of your grout lines.Using different cleaning agents when mopping, most of the times ,makes situation even worst-leaving layers of dry residue that is like magnet for new amount of dirt and soils . Our professional tile and grout cleaning service restores the luster to your floors ,making them look like new again.After determining best treatment process,our state-of-the-art tile steam cleaners yield a high pressure ,soft, at 250 degrees water and vacuum combination that extracts oils,dirt and stubborn stains from deep within the tile and pores of your pores. Grout seal Once tile is clean ,pores on your grout are wide open for new amount of soil to settle in.Finishing coat of sealant penetrates the grout surface and forms protective barrier against spills and soils,ensuring that future tile and grout cleaning will be just as effective and successful. If your tile and grout are looking drab and dirty, it may be time to restore uniform color and protection to your floors. In some instances, the grout may even be permanently stained to the point where even the best cleaning is not effective. Although replacing your floor may seem like the only option, there is an alternative, less costly solution-color seal. Application of color seal brings new,fresh,uniformed look to your grout lines making them stain and water proof at the same time.

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